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SURVEY: Intelligent Maps of Acessibility in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Do you feel like contributing to improve urbam mobility in the city of Rio de Janeiro?
The survey below “Intelligent Maps of Acessibility for Rio de Janeiro - ReAbiltitArte-UFRJ" was prepared to collect demands that will orient and ease the mobitilty of people with disability or reduced mobility (elderly, pregnant,...) throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The survey is long, since accessibility is complex issue in our country. But please do answer all questions, so your input will help to solve troubles of thousands od people with reduced mobility.
The ReAbilitArte Institute, in partnership with with the
Institute Tércio Pacitti for Applications and Compuational Research (NCE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is developping a multiplatform software (app), under free licensing, consisting of dynamic layers of informations organized to help you navigate, find and qualify adpated places and services: roads, public transportation, administrations, schools and universities, places for leizure, culture and shopping, such as beaches and gardens, theater and movies theaters, museums and concert halls, as well as shops and services.
The app informs the user about acessibility (from parking spots, ramps, elevators, restrooms, to availability of trained personal and atitudinal barriers) thereby helping to reduce obstacles and delays due to the lack of adequate infrastructures and of information and signalization of such.
Mapa de Acessibilidade